Random Reflections quilt block tutorial

Random Reflections was posted free on Moda Bake Shop's blog and I love the design possibilities and the ease of the sewing on this block.

I cut strips 1 1/2" of different scraps and of solid white material.

I constructed it two different ways - the one way is to do one block at a time by sewing a scrap strip to a white strip - the second was is to make the strips longer and sew a white strip on each end of the scrap strip - and then  cut down the middle and you have made 2 blocks at one time.  

Both methods go together very quickly.

You then sew 6 of the strips together and trim to 6 1/2" square

Here are some of the combinations you can lay them out

This one would make a great bookshelf style quilt

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  1. Exactly what I am trying to do. Use up some stash. I really like this. Might try it with a darker background.