Wonky Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Cut 13 squares of fabric each cut 4.5" square.
       8 will be for the background         
       4 any color or pattern you choose for the star points - or all  different for a scrappy effect    
       1 any color or pattern you choose for  the center of the star     

Stack the 4 star point squares and slice in half diagonally

Select 4 of the background squares and 4 of the star point triangles.  

Stitch one triangle to the right side of each background square. Changing the angle of the triangles will help create the wonkiness of the star. 

Press - cut off excess background fabric on corner.

Sew the remaining 4 triangles to the left side of these 4 background blocks.

Cut off all excess fabric on corners - trim  to make 4.5" square.

stitch a completed star point square to both the left and right side as shown 

sew a plain background square to both the left and right sides to the star point squares

Line up the seams, stitch the top row to the middle row. Repeat with the bottom row.

This technique was first devised by Gwen Marston and shown in her  book Liberated Quiltmaking.  I also saw it in Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers by Susanne Woods

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