Getting Motivated and Staying that Way - Achieve your Goals

What things can a person do to stay motivated?  I constantly am reading books and blogs about motivation, organization and general self-help topics.  One of my favorite sayings is :

"Action precedes Motivation"

To me this has really proven to be the case.  Even if I am not motivated, the large percentage of the time, if I actually get up and get started then I get in the mood and really get into it.  As you get further and further into the project and start to see the results, momentum can build and build, until you are excited to get started each time.

 Visual aids, such as vision boards, can be a great motivator.  I have a vision board, which basically is a piece of cardboard that I have pasted pictures and sayings of things I want to accomplish and acquire.  Note that I took a current picture of myself and cropped it with a scissors to the size I want to be (I know the head is a little scary, but it serves the purpose).

I also post inspirational sayings on various places in the home.  I try to keep them out of the mainstream of vision - so I put them inside the bathroom cabinet or on the inside of the bedroom door.  Some of mine are "Do one more thing today"  and "Live your life like everyone is watching" and "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."

There are a lot of great books and blogs as well as television shows to provide inspirationSome of the organizational shows like "Clean House" or "Hoarders" never fail to get me up and moving.  I have yet to get through a full episode with out getting up and organizing something.

Small rewards along the way are helpful in keeping the momentum going.  Plan a shopping trip or get your nails done when you have done the first step of one of your goals.  Invite a friend and share your success.

Share your goals with others and you will be surprised how many will join in.  Together you can achiever your goals and help each other stay motivated each step of the way.  Be careful, however, not to let a friend's slip up to stall your progress as well.

Now, let's get up and get moving forward.

"See it - Believe it - Achieve it"

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