Getting organized - When your things call out to be reorganized

Have you ever had your things call out to be reorganized.  I had something interesting happen today.

My mother lives with me and she was alone in the house today.  I get a call from her saying that she is hearing a load noise and she thinks it is the boiler (we have a boiler in the basement that heats the greenhouse).   I told her I would be home in about 30 minutes, so since it was a nice spring day, she should wait for me out on the  porch. 

So I hurry up and finish what I was doing and rush home.  As soon as I entered the house I heard a noise that sounded like a loud exhaust fan.  So I thought that she called me home because she forgot to turn off the exhaust fan.  But the noise was coming from my bedroom.

My dog stays in the bedroom when I am gone and when I opened the door, my 95 lb rottweiler came shooting out of the door.  I was startled to see that the noise was coming from under the bed.  It was my sleep number bed that I had stored under my bed - I am currently using a foam mattress.  When I took the sleep number bed apart I left it plugged to the electric. 

Apparently what happened is that the dog's leg hit the control to inflate the bed and it sure was inflating.  It was puffed up that I could not get to the plug to unplug it from the wall or the control to stop in inflation.  I had to go in the basement and shut off electric to the house.

I don't know how long before it would have burst!  I am sure glad my mom called me.  So now it is sitting in pieces on the bed.  So my chore is to disassemble all the parts and stow it safely under the bed.  But before I do that I will have to vacuum all the dust bunnies under the bed.  But if I am doing that I might as well was the sheets.  But if...... and it goes on and on.

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